Lesson Learned ??? – #Shenseea

8 months ago

The ShenYeng Anthem is not being sung so loudly as of lately!

” Nah fight no one over no man, me nah idiat
If me ah take your man, me ah keep that … and whisper if ah SHE that”

The one man Shenseea had no willpower or drive to take is her son’s father, not even for the little one own sake!

Mummy knows best.
The mysterious “deadbeat” has finally come forward with a uppercut type of answer to Shenseaa constant shades towards him:

This is no laughing matter! But a cautionary tale for all of us Lady …
Married men are the most single species on this Planet earth. They will happily take what you have to offer then walk away when their ego boost and need to “come” have been satisfied.

We still love the #ShenYeng Anthem tough. But Hard Drive is now replacing that song in our playlist as we feel now uncomfortable (and embarassed) by the lyrics.

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