Come Back – Jean Louis Morville #ZoukRetro (90’s music)

9 months ago

Title: Come Back

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Is LOVE an uplifting feeling? Or does one feel down because of it.

True love is the type of feelings that get you back together. Push you to become the best version of yourself (even if not requested). An unexpected reminder of who you used to be, what your dreams and aspirations were and an urge to share all these with that special person. So definitely, an uplifting feeling. Even when not reciprocated.

“Come Back” by Jean Louis Morville was the go to song when you were left behind, heartbroken. Happened a lot as teenager! Once an adult, you actually are grateful to any person capable to make you feel again this pain. Faced with day to day life, and the bills to pay, you kind of forget that your heart was still able to miss an heartbeat for anyone.

Ou kité’y an pansan ké sa té ké méyè – You left thinking it will be better
Pran libètè’y pou alé butiné dot flè  – Took the liberty to try out another flowers
Ou té jiré sa pa té pé rivé’w enmen  – You swear that it will never happen to you to love
Sé té lorgey ki té ka fè’w garé chimen  – It was your pride who made you lose your way
Mé dépi dé twa jou i ka anté rèv ou  – But for the past three days, he/she is haunting your dreams
Mé dépi dé twa jou ou ka vini fou  – But for the past three days, you are losing your mind

Ou té konprann frapé lapot pou di bonjou  – You thought that just knocking her/his door would achieve a “Good morning”
Sifi fanm-lan té wè’w sa fè rinet lanmou  – If this girl saw you again, she would fall in love again
Mé lé mwa ki pasé oblijé tjè’y fèmen  – But the month that past had to lock her heart
Sa fè’w tou drol  – It was odd to you
I di sé an lot i enmen  – she said she is interested in someone else
Menm si ou envoké dé let ou pa voyé  – Even if you referred to love letters you never sent
Tou sa pé pa rifè sa le tan ja éfasé – All this cannot rekindle what time has erased

(Choir) Ou ka rigrété You are regretting
Chak je t’aime ou séré Every “I Love you” you kept for yourself
Pé pa oubliyé – You cannot forget
Sa lé tan éfasé yeah – What time has erased

(Choir) Ou ka rigrété You are regretting
Wi mwen sav mwen ka rigrété – Yes I know I am regretting
(Choir) Chak je t’aime ou séré – Every “I Love you” you kept for yourself
mwen pa té jan lé avoué’w lanmou, A !A !Non ! non ! non ! – I never wanted to admit that I loved her, no, no no!

(Choir) Pé pa oubliyé – You cannot forget
Sa lé tan éfasé yeah – What time has erased

Déja pou yonn loraj ka bat anba chivé’w  – Already there is a storm beating your head
Lariviè débòdé i fè koulé dé ziyé’w  – The river is flooding and making your eyes wet
Adan an sans dlo-a chayé lorgey  – In a sense, the water is washing away your pride
Lison-an pé sèvi’w  – The lesson can serve you
Ou pé riwè soley ! – You can again see the sun
Alò ou ké rili dé let ou pa vréyé  – And then you will read the letters you never sent
Alò ou ké konprann lanmou ké toujou ekzisté – And then you will understand that love will always exists

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