Here come the Tigers & Cougars … literally #SchiappaLaw

1 year ago

Talking to your son’s future wife first, sharing with her your mutual favourites Motown songs and becoming best friends forever with her while your little bundle of joy is still running around in his primary school playground will soon be normalised. Watch out for his “Toys”, Moms, the future bride might want to start playing with these, in the meantime, on her lonely nights!
Oh sweet Paedophilia,  how genderly sweet you are.

Children will finally have the luxury to attach “Grandpa Arthur” to their childhood memories and first experience of touching themselves. Being touched by adults and forever connecting a grown person face to their first time will now be the new face of their “teenage years”.
And here comes the burden of proof that “they did or did not consent” to relieve an experienced and more manipulative elder of their sexual urges! Or was it not their own sexual urges, formerly known as “trauma”.
Oh well … the system and its belief system (i.e Paedophile Priests) have already started the orgy. Why not carry on?

Alright. Let’s PAUSE THE GOSSIP!

The “Loi Schiappa” named after Marlène Schiappa, France’s Minister for Equality, is a law against sexual violence, in particular sexual harassement and child rape. The new law, which goes into effect in September:

  • did not introduce a clearly-defined legal minimum age of sexual consent in France
  • improves existing laws against the rape and sexual assault of children, and it contained measures that would give judges more leeway in prosecuting adults who have sex with children
  • introduces on-the-spot fines for harassment on the street or on public transport, with offenders liable to pay between €90 and €750
  • stipulates an Obligation to sensitize teachers to sexual and sexual violence and to train to respect non-consent

The draft bill against sexual and gender-based violence was signed into law by the French Parliament on 3 August sparking outrage in France and bringing into light, for those who did not know (I didn’t) that “there is no age of sexual consent in France”. The laws in the United States clearly define an age for “statutory rape”, changing from one state to another.
Although, Article 222-22 of France’s penal code, does define rape as “a sexual assault committed with violence, coercion, threat or surprise.” Coercion “can be physical or moral” i.e “Moral coercion can result from the age difference between an underage victim and the perpetrator, and from the legal or de facto authority that the perpetrator exerts over the victim.” Up to a good lawyer to use the nuances of “coercion” to obtain acquittals or lesser charges for his 30+ years old client despite his client’s under 12 victim! Plenty of cases in France were wiped under the rug with a good support system for the “rapists”.

ABCD equality, a program to promote gender equality at school, was abandoned by the Minister of Education, Benoît Hamon in 2014

The facts that Schiappa law strengthens and improves existing laws against the rape and sexual assault of children, or contains measures that would give judges more leeway in prosecuting adults who have sex with children are completely lost on the General Public. We are bombarded with the information that children are in imminent danger. A petition “against sexual education of children by EU” has attracted more than 200,000 signatures (read in French: here). According to many online “reactions videos” and publications, school children will now have to attend inappropriate sexual education classes. This would specifically refers to Article 10: “Three sessions a year of sexual and emotional education” at school. Sex education at school, as usual. But updated with the world we live in (“Consent, respect for others, relationships between women and men”).

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