Entrepreneurs First Victory Will Be to Train the Mind

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One of the most important tasks for entrepreneurs is to train the mind. Until an entrepreneur learns to train their mind, they will be dominated by busy work and external energies. It is true that entrepreneurs experience a roller coaster of emotions and losses on their way to success. For success to happen though, entrepreneurs must have a clear mindset to achieve their business goals.

Train the Mind to Address Fear

Starting a business can feel scary because there are so many unknowns especially if you do not know anyone that has achieved this goal. It is easy to feel stuck thinking:

    • You don’t know if your products or services will sell.
    • You don’t know if you will make enough money to meet all your responsibilities.
    • You don’t know what will happen once you leave your job.

A clear mind is the best way to address these fears. Although you may not know ALL the answers for your business model, you start with a clear decision to succeed in achieving this goal.
You repeat this decision to yourself several times per day. Chronically thinking a thought converts the thought into a belief.

Job 22:28 Thou shalt decree a thing and it will be established unto them and the light shall shine upon thy way

Actions and Behavior Align when you Train the Mind

Disciplining your thoughts to repeat the decision multiple times a day to yourself will direct your actions and behavior. Your thoughts inspire your activities. If you think about something, constantly direction will occur. You will find yourself researching the things you do not know about your business idea. You will start to receive ideas of what to do. When your actions are in alignment with your thoughts, you are closer to success.

James 2:26 For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also

You block External Energy when you train the mind

If you are the first person to build a business in your family or friends circle their maybe some external anxiety in the atmosphere. Committing to train your mind primarily thinking about your decision to achieve your entrepreneurial dreams, will quiet the noise around you.
Entrepreneurs have to learn to trust themselves. People mean well, but if they have not worked toward your goal, they can only give an opinion, not advice based on successful accomplishment.

Entrepreneurs Can Embrace the Possibility of Loss When they Train the Mind

For every Ying, there is a Yang in life. When you make a decision, you also birth the opposition to that decision. However, when you have this awareness write an outline of what you know to prepare as best you can for the ups and downs of building a business. You are also able to outline what you will and will not compromise to achieve your entrepreneurial goals.
When you train your mind to achieve a goal, you realize there is a possibility that it might not happen on the first attempt. This maturity helps you read the failure stories not to fear but to help prepare for success. In life, it is important to know what TO DO and what NOT TO DO. When you train your mind, you feel strong enough to look at the whole picture clearly and make decisions each step of the way with clarity.


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