How to Finesse your Smokey Eye – Tip no. 06

1 year ago


Smokey eyes have been around for as long as I can remember. They are wearable, classy and have a way of making you look glamorous without trying too hard. I noticed, however, that a lot of people struggle with how to achieve that  red carpet ready smokey eyes. I decided to address it once and for all.

Here’s a tutorial on how to do your smokey eye in Ten easy steps. It’s all about technique and blending.

  • Step 1: Apply Black Base (could be a gel liner or black pencil/eyeshadow base)
  • Step 2: Transition color.
    This is a neutral color that you apply to the crease to soften the edges of your lid color
  • Step 3: Crease color to deepen the crease and add some definition to the eyes
  • Step 4: Apply black eyeshadow
  • Step 5: Tightline: apply black eyeliner to your upper waterline and lower waterline
  • Step 6: Smoke it out!
    Using a shader brush, use some black eyeshadow to blend out your lower lash line and smoke it out in shader motions
  • Step 7: Blend!!
    Use a blending brush for this step and blend the upper and lower sides together
  • Step 8: Highlight inner corners.
    For that pop, apply a pearly shadow or highlighter to brighten the eyes and give that contrast
  • Step 9: Black Glitter.
    This step is optional but you can apply glitter on top of your lid. Use black to finish that smokey eye or you can use any color of glitter you want!
  • Step 10: Lashessss!!! Lashes are very important!
    Use voluminous but not too dramatic lashes to compliment the look without looking too much.

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