From a fallen D’Angel to a Shiny Krystal #BeenieMan

1 year ago

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As a very big fan of the King of the dancehall, it was exhausting (borderline heartbreaking) to watch the train crash of a relationship he had with his ex wife, D’Angel. No, fans are not necessarily crazy groupies who do not want to hear about their “idols” happy relationship with another person. A matter of fact, fans can be real enough to call their “favorites” by their real names (government ones or “alleged” ones when the famous person did something wrong … i.e: “predator” when referring to R Kelly). We get devastated too when the big star they were supposed to become, due to their amazing talents, cannot reach any better high than “the guy” everyone still work with but nobody really want to be seen with or defending in interviews.

Beenie Man was part of our African & Caribbean life for a very long time as the most forward dancehall artist from Jamaica. Only him could make you put Bob Marley’s songs in the back burner. We grew up with him, got taugh a few lessons about “Ghetto girls” and “Rasta” men beyond the stereotypes. Any moves he would choose to make in his music videos were repeated in every continents on planet earth as the first era of dance moves, way before social media trends. His impact went across continents, including America and culturally conservative countries like Asian countries. His private life only made it into international ears when his Diva wife, D’Angel, organised the most lavish televised wedding that Reality TV cannot even emulate to date. Happy we were as fan, if happy he was as King.

Then slowly, the candid interviews from Beenie Man declaring his love for this woman became these “pitiful” interviews of him addressing HER , not us. The “I said, she said”, “I did, she did” type of reports from a shadow of himself to the interviewer. I was shouting at my computer screen “please stop”. But love has no ears if you are not the object of his affection. I wanted him to drop her location at one stage!
And this is where D’Angel seems, to our pleasure as fans, to get it very wrong now (in 2018, AT LAST):
A man who loved her and cherished the ground she was walking on just could not possibly ever move on and leave her in the past!!!

That is the only explanation that one can give to D’Angel’s code of conduct at her own birthday party – and in many shows her ex chose to follow her on. His decision to not provocatively dance with her on stage made her lose all form of composure. She could have leave it gracefully behind but she was obviously so angry by this trivial “no” from him. The “long postings” on social media, one more interview mentioning his name and “videos shading” were flabbergasting. Playing the Diva as part of her persona is great for a long singing career. But as her personality , she cannot possibly survive the one that Krystal has in real life: educated interviewee, understanding future wife and down to earth woman.
Krystal Tomlinson, crowned Miss Jamaica Festival Queen 2013, is a TV presenter and is the same age as Beenie Man daughter, Deshagaye “Desha Ravers” Davis, 27. The future wife and the daughter do not get along and might never get there, as they share the same Daddy. She is pregnant and has been proposed to. We love her already not because we know her but because Beenie Man’s personality, while in LOVE with that one, is not reduced to ashes in front of our eyes. Why can’t his daughter recognise that and appreciate the man he is allowed to still be now!

BYE D’Angel: thank you for making his life “NOT MY BUSINESS” at last … Until the next interview  🙄

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