Why your skin isn’t glowing – Tip no. 4

1 year ago

It’s skin tip Wednesday!

Ever looked around you and wondered why your skin looks so dull and lifeless? You don’t have to bleach to have glowing skin … you are fine just being your natural tone. However, there are a few things you might be doing wrong:

1. Too much abrasion: The practice of using harsh sponges and scrubs during our cleansing should be eliminated. Opt for softer sponges and mild, natural scrubs and only use them at night and never too frequently. Also spa treatments like hamaam baths, body polishing and so on should be less frequent.

2. Use of Harsh Chemicals: the use of harmful bleaching agents, unregulated acids and cream mixtures is something we, as africans, should be wary of. They lead to hyperpigmentation. Chemicals like hydroquinone, monobenzone, corticosteroids and mercury should stay far away from our skins.

3. Lack of Suncare: we all should adopt the practice of using sunscreen daily to avoid unnecessary tanning and sunburns.

4. Not moisturizing: many people do not use moisturizing agents. If your skin isn’t properly hydrated, Skin glow would be very far from you.

Using shea butter, coconut oil derivatives, ceramides … etc help to improve the flakiness and ashiness very common in african skin. At honeyricci beauty, we offer you a wide range of african skin friendly products that guarantee glowing skin in no timeܵ. Book a consultation and be one step closer to skin glow heaven.

Stay tuned for more skin tips!

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