Skincare tip for youthful, even skin – Tip no. 3

1 year ago

Wearing sunscreen and keeping the skin hydrated is a perfect way of maintaining young, fresh and healthy skin. Many people of color have a misconception that darkskin doesn’t need sun protection. While we are at minimal risk of sun damage from research, (read Fitzpatrick Scale) there’s still the issue of unwanted tanning and skin darkening that can be avoided.

Skin darkening can be avoided by the use of mineral or physical sunscreens. There are various kinds of sunscreens out there and most are targeted at protection from UVA and UVB rays. You might see a lot of tags out there such as “broad spectrum”, Uva filter, PA+++, SPF.
They all mostly target protecting the skin from damage but many chemical sunscreen do not prevent tanning. If you belong to the group with a darker skin, the use of Zinc based sunscreen (physical/mineral) does the work of blocking sun rays so it doesn’t penetrate the upper layer of the skin and cause darkening and hyperpigmentation.
Hydration is also a key point in preventing lots of skin problems. Dehydration of the skin is what leads to over production of oil in oily/combination skin types and sensitivity in drier skin types. When the skin is hydrated, the skin doesn’t over compensate by producing too much sebum so there is little incidence of clogged pores and subsequently acne. Hydration is also important for the body. It protects the skin barrier and keeps it supple and smooth. Great hydrating ingredients include hyaluronic acid and it’s derivatives, aloe extract and glycerin. Ceramides are also great nourishing and moisturizing ingredients. For day time, watch out for Spf (sunscreen) containing lotions for the face. And for night time, ingredients such as hylaluronic acid tonera, masks and serums are great for the skin. The use of facial mists containing other hydrating ingredients like rosewater, aloe and so on are also great.
If you can have these two practices, sun protection and hydration on ppint, 99 of your skincare problems are solved.

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