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1 year ago

We discovered this “website” thanks to Dr Boyce Watkins who shared their LIVE discussion on his Twitter’s timeline. Dr Boyce Watkins is (and we are not checking Google and doing any research here about him) one of the face of “Black advocacy” along with two others, Tariq Nahseed and Umar Johnson. Anybody else is still playing the field of recognition and attention, as far as the International public is concerned.

Fly Nubian Queen is a website once you will go on it and a network once you will log off from it. The very surprising piece of information about this Network is their Facebook page’s following and the general silence on social media about them!

 Their very well built website and their robust services (channels to subscribe to that will give you access to video discussions – I guess, I did not try my free one yet) should alone justify some loud noise online and in your personal network of friends and family. Nobody cared to invite me to like their page!!! And a few of my close network knew and liked them long ago.

It should be by now refunded by your healthcare services.

No twitter account, no Instagram page. With the quality of their contents, I am not even asking, I would have protected my “Black Women Network Magic” TOO.
The beauty of their contents can be explained in one simple way:
have you ever laugh (online, TV shows, Celebrity interviews, Movies …) because of the sassy way Black women in America express themselves without even trying or attempting to humour you?
The famous “Yaaaassssssss  Sis”, “Giiiirrrrrllll” … and natural ways they discuss with each others.
Be honest! Like me you have patiently searched for it on social media by following genuine people or scrolling through YouTube channels providing long videos discussing current events.
And just like that, here they were, all gathered and minding their own BIZness. The discussions are lay back and not attention seeking or click baits. Difficult balance that “tools like” Twitter will never achieve.

So again, it is surprising that people are keeping to themselves tips on what “network” they were turning to for lifting up their weekend and listening to healthy discussions about hair, health, community and beliefs. I was personally still stuck tuning in with the “conspiracy theorists”, “white supremacists” … contents that you keep for yourself. By the time Fly Nubian Queen Network will launch their App, it is over for their competition, if any.

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