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1 year ago

Passa Passa (translation from Jamaican Patois: chat, converse or gossip)

Jah Cure or Iyah Cure (born Siccature Alcock on 11 October 1978 in Hanover, Jamaica) is a Jamaican reggae musician, who was raised in Kingston. He was given the name Jah Cure by Capleton whom he met while growing up in Kingston. Jah Cure is also known as the King of Lovers Rock and Roots Reggae (source: Wikipedia).

It took an Instagram live video from Tony Matterhorn for us to also add that he is a convicted felon – the information appears two paragraphs below on Wikipedia, the equivalent of page five of a Google search.
“In November 1998, while driving around Montego Bay, Cure was pulled over by the police and arrested on charges of gun possession, robbery and rape”. Although he was convicted, Tony Matterhorn himself pointed out that he did not believe these accusations to be true.

Jah Cure very recently released “Videos on Instagram” (we did not see) to let the world know that “Selectah Nah Matta” (Selectah: a disc jockey; a person who plays recorded music for an audience) – DJ do not matter. “Artists are the celebrity in this Social media era” was his overall point.
We noticed this ongoing beef between Tony Matterhorn and Jah Cure when Tony posted a video on Instagram deleting everything in his computer containing the word “Jah”.
For a minute, we were wondering if Jamaican Delight (the Jamaican Fast Food restaurant advertised here) with the @ JahDelight social media usernames should feel concerned about some misuse or abuse of the word “Jah … False alarm  😯

Jah Cure‘s videos rants put the Selectah, now famous singing artist, Tony Matterhorn in a position to remind him where he is coming from: Selectah of the past playing his songs for the rest of the world to sing them too, beyond Bob Marley‘s tunes!
We are curious to see where Jah Cure is getting at with our beloved Haitian singer Phylissia Ross. They are releasing a song soon. But Selectah will not play that song.

You have been warned Mr Jah Cure.

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