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1 year ago

A Networking App for Black Young Professionals … Cheerio Linkedin!


From Blackplanet to BYP Network. We are no longer trying to date each other, but finally trying to network with each other. Animals!
This App will still give you the option to let your “matches” (as per notifications) know whether you have joined the community for “Co-Founder, Mentorship, Idea Generation, New Friends, Networking, Job Opportunities, Collaborations, Investment”. Members I have matched with have found the extra options to  add “Socialising” in their profile description.

So far, my judgemental little self is experiencing any glitches (error with API authorisation on Facebook side because I clicked on a notification instead of login into the App first OR longer waiting time for the App to load and get me in) with a Black power fist: we will eventually make it, I am not giving up on YOU, Bro (or Sis).

It is refreshing to see all these Black faces – not struggling, not in a gang, not experiencing famine. It’s just that I am 40. So I feel like a pervert as far as the name of this BYP Network is concerned: Black Young Professionals. This is opening the door for their grown-up competition.


You can download the App on Google Play or App Store

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