Robert Nzaou – (Republic of Congo)

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My name is Robert Nzaou Kissolo, from the Republic of Congo. Born in 1976. I am a full time photographer based in South Africa and Congo.

How did you come to your artistry? And what place it has in your day to day life?
Telling stories has always been something that really motivates me. It all started with music, writing lyrics, poetry, being a rapper and music production. I only discovered photography very late, around 2014, I fell in love with it and I haven’t been able to put down the camera since. Street photography is my first passion, I also enjoy fine art and reportage

How easy it is to attract “paying commissions” work from where you are? 
Congo has so many stories that haven’t been told yet and places that haven’t been documented yet. I find that a big advantage and selling point.

What is the funniest and saddest “unpaid commission” requests you have received? How did you handle it?
I haven’t done unpaid commissioned work.

What platforms do you feel are most relevant to you as an artist? For what purpose in each? 
Facebook and Instagram work for me. I use Facebook to share my work and interact with my Congolese audience as it is the most popular and accessible app in Congo. I use Instagram to reach a wider and more global audience. I have gotten work from both.

What type of skills you consider yourself an expert in?
A good understanding of light has helped me a lot as an artist, I am able to work with very little light and make the  most of it.

What would be your idea of your big break?
My idea of a big break is for a museum to buy a collection of one of my photo series so that it will be displayed for years to come.

What artist’s previous work keep you motivated in that direction?
The late Congolese photographer Kiripi Katembo is my biggest inspiration, his work changed the way I see photography. He produced amazing work, I really wish he was still around.

Robert Nzaou previous work for Afribean magazine in 2015. Cick image to view archived magazine

How do you juggle between your creative life and your family life?

I am married with a 2 year old daughter, leaving my daughter and wife for assigments is not easy for me but I have to work. Thanks to technology, when I do have to be away from home for work, I stay in touch with them via emails and video chat daily to keep me going and them too.

Facebook: robert nzaou photography
Instagram: @nzaourob
Commission price range: 500 – 5000 $
Work: Art, reportage, conservation, product photography

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