DIY Avocado Hair Masque – Tip no. 2

1 year ago

Check out how I made this Avocado hair mask



  • Half avocado pulp
  • Half banana
  • 1 egg
  • A capful of honey
  • Few drops of a Hair gro’ oil

Honey is great for hydration and avocado has healthy fatty acids that nourish the hair. Eggs are a great source of protein and have been proven to strengthen hair.
Doing a protein mask such as this monthly ensures hydrated, strong and healthy hair.


Combine avocado, cut banana and a capful of honey in a bowl. And put into a blender. Break an egg then add a few drops of hair gro oil and blend until smooth as seen in the photo.

After shampooing, section hair and apply masque then cover hair in a plastic bag for 30mins upwards.

Rinse off then apply leave in conditioner and style as needed. Watch out for more natural hair DIYs😉

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