Nude Lipstick – Tip no. 1

9 months ago

Hello guys,

I’m going to be sharing with you a very interesting hack for wearing nude Lipsticks especially for women of color. Many times we experience the whole concealer lips, glazed donut lip situation whenever we attempt to use nude lipsticks. This is because most of these “nudes” aren’t actually in our skin tone. They are usually too ashy. How then do we get the best out of our nude lipstick?

Firstly, looking out for more deep toned, browns or beiges help to narrow that down. Then we should always use lipliner before applying nude lipsticks that way there is a smooth transition that matches our skin tone so the contrast isn’t too overwhelming.
An example of a nude lipstick I think really suits my skin tone is the Zaron Matte lipstain in Buttercub.

The hack:

I learned somewhere that for an even smoother transition, using a darker concealer instead of a lipliner is a great idea for using nude lipstick for women of color.
Just use a detail brush to outline the lips with a dark toned concealer and blend with a fluffy brush then use the nude lipstick in the middle.

Watch full demo in the video below

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