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1 year ago

Honey Ricci is a Physiotherapist, Certified skincare consultant and Pro Makeup artist and Content Creator based in Lagos Nigeria.

<< I’m the Creative Director of Makeupricci Beauty Studio Lagos and the creator of Honey Ricci’s blog.
I have developed my passion for beauty from a very young age and as I progressed in the industry I’ve taken up interest in teaching people the correct way of doing things especially beauty and makeup. I’m also an advocate for self confidence and being comfortable in your own skin. But it takes a little extra work to be at your best.

The articles I would be writing here would help to knock down myths and hopefully make the readers take better care of themselves and look their best >>.

Articles every Wednesday:

  1. Nude Lipstick Hack
  2. DIY Avocado Hair Masque
  3. Skincare tip for youthful, even skin
  4. Why your skin is not glowing
  5. Layering Skincare products
  6. How to Finesse your Smokey Eye

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