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2 years ago

My name is Kany Coffie. I am a 33 years old young woman who after working a decade in the accounting sector, decided to become a life coach. To say it like that, it looks super simple but it’s a little more complicated than that.

Today, looking back, I can say that I’m really where I must be or at least I’m on the right path.
A few years ago, after obtaining my A-Level (in 2002 😊) I turned to studies to become a Chartered Accountant. I made this choice a little by default even if it was a job that seemed to fit a part of my personality, my organized and square side 🤓. Already at the time, I had an idea that was going through my head: to study in psychology. I told myself at that moment that I would have a hard time finding a job in this sector in France and even more in Ivory Coast. The idea has been put aside (for clarification, I lived in France from 2000 to 2013 before returning to Ivory Coast).

After my studies, I joined an accounting firm. Everything was going fine. I did my job without asking myself any questions. Then 6 years later however, I decided to leave this very busy job where I did not feel very good to take a little time for myself. That’s what I said to myself at the time without questioning it more than that but now I see it differently. It was the first fruits of my change of life. After a few months, I decided to return to Abidjan in Ivory Coast. When I left this country in 2000, I always thought that I would go home and that was the right time. Back at home, I had different professional experiences with highs and lows that finally showed me that I was not made for this world. The highlight of my story that totally put me on the path of my life change was a Burn Out followed by being fired. This period of my life was very hard to go through and at the same time easy. I experienced it both as a failure and a blessing. I could not take anymore of this work I was in, but I would never have left because of my professional conscience or my ego or whatever. I would never have left on my own despite feeling trapped. This was another message addressed to me even though it was not easy to cash in. We often receive messages from life. We do not pay enough attention to them and persist on the wrong path which leads us to live difficult situations. I do not wish on anyone to live “that” to “understand”. Some time after this hard blow, I got introduced to what is called “Personal Development“. Although I was interested before without knowing it, it burst in my life through an email sent by my mother. And it was my GREENLIGHT !!!

I enrolled in several trainings, followed many blogs, bought a lot of books on the subject and started to practice what I was learning. I was passionate 😍 . In the beginning, there was no real result and it was difficult to have new habits but by dint of perseverance I saw the first results arrive. A program and a person in particular had a real impact on my life. This person is called Lyvia Cairo (Her website here).
It’s after taking one of her trainings (over 4 months, yes it’s a long time but it was worth it and worth the investment) that I decided to embark on the adventure of “Coaching“. I decided to train myself and a lot of my savings went there. It was not easy every day because I stopped working to devote myself, full time, to become a “Coach” so that I can help people and have a real impact on their daily life.

That’s how before I graduated, I wanted to get some Action (with the help of Lyvia Cairo) and a little less than a year ago, I launched the program “12 Habits to change Life “. I wanted to share with as many people as I could the discoveries I made.
These are simple habits that I made space for in my life and that allowed me to better take care of myself, to know myself better, to feel better in my skin, to be more positive, more in touch with myself and also have a positive impact on those around me.
These 12 Habits have changed my life and they can change yours too if you decide and really want it to. The program is fully online in French to allow everyone interested to follow at their own pace. For more information, send me a message through my official Facebook page and I will forward you all the details:

Kany COFFIE official website

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