No Black Women’s Hug for Kanye – #KimKardashian

1 year ago

Family value will save Kanye after all. Not my blackness, nor yours!

Who knew! I hate reality TV and the Generation “I want to be famous by any means necessary” …
But Kim Kardashian’s reality TV kept me occupied in a stage of my life I felt hopeless and was unemployed. Still did not grow to like her, but her family are not on season X200 by mistake or programming: they are entertaining.

It took a shady move (a “provocative” album named 4:44) for me to think: do I still want to dislike her? Why?
Cannot partake in people throwing each others under a bus and using me to fix their life. Playing with numbers and symbolisms have its costs, I guess!

It tasted like this GREAT TV’s moment where a son was robbed of his opportunity to save his dad’s own demons with unconditional love (through a simple hug – not constant emotional abuses from him, we got the point) by the whisper of a background voice behind him:

Video Credit: Son Asks Father DMX What He Wants in Relationship | Iyanla: Fix My Life | Oprah Winfrey

So, who need the spirit (and name) of Donda more: the charity or the son?
Which event came first: the payment from Kanye to this charity being cut off or the charity distancing himself from his Donald Trump’s support?

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