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Who is Jason Bernard and where is he from? 
Hi, I’m Jason Bernard
Age: 26
Current Location:West Midlands
Identity/Origin: Black British (Jamaican Heritage)
Full time Occupation: Graphic / Product Designer

How did you come to your artistry? And what place it has in your day to day life?
I have been designing since the age of 15 and it was due to album cover arts and illustration due to Jamie Hewlett (Gorillaz illustrator)

In my day to day, design is my fulltime job as well as freelance design when out of work hours

This Is America by Donald Glover (Childish Gambino)

How easy it is to attract “paying commissions” work from where you are?
It isn’t as easy in the West Midlands as it is in somewhere like London. Clients and Prices are more of a challenge to get and agree on


What is the funniest and saddest “unpaid commission” requests you have received? How did you handle it?
Funniest: I was asked if i could design a Poster, Icon for a website and business card… only to find out once the work was all done that they meant a Banner, Logo and Flyer

Saddest: Haven’t experience a sad one yet *touch wood*

Are you on Deviant Art?

What platforms do you feel are most relevant to you as an artist? For what purpose in each? 
The most relevant to me is Behance (behance.net/jasonbernarddesigns) due to it being worldwide and ideal as a portfolio to show design work from all different fields (Logo design, Websites, Branding etc).

A few Flyer designs – #GraphicDesign #Design #Art #Event #Company #Branding #Business

Instagram is ideal for my Illustration and the odd few Branding work and brings in a lot business and followers

What type of skills you consider yourself an expert in?
Adobe Suite: Photoshop, InDesign, illustrator, Animate
Pixelogic ZBrush (3d software)
Logo Design, UI (User interface for websites/app) and Branding

What would be your idea of your big break?
My idea of a big break is to be working in/with a successful design agency that has clients design projects (Branding, advertising, Film etc) worldwide

What artist’s previous work keep you motivated in that direction?
Kugali Media (African Comics), Mister Ode, FunnyTummy, Duro Arts and Rob Regis (all on instagram)

“Skateboard deck design influence part 1” – Kanye West

How do you juggle between your creative life and your family life?
I freelance in my office at the family house. Juggling between the two isn’t much of a challenge for me to be honest

Email– jasonbernarddesigns//@//hotmail.co.uk

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