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12 months ago

Picture Credit: Earl Simmons, also known as the rapper DMX, exits the U.S. Federal Court in Manhattan following his presentment on income tax evasion charges in New York City, U.S., July 14, 2017. REUTERS

Did you know?
DMX has been sentenced to one year in prison for tax fraud on the 28 March 2018.
His lawyer who suggested that he will play DMX’s songs in court for the judge was the opportunity for a good laugh on Social Media. But all jokes aside, we celebrate our legends while alive over here. Not when the opportunity to chant “RIP” arises.

Tomorrow is not promised to none of us. But we are taking the opportunity on this beautiful Saturday, somewhere on earth, to blow kisses to Earl Simmons in prison right now. And lock our diary (afraid of the word agenda here because of all the conspiracy theory attached with it) for a “release party“. Is that the american routine now before releasing a new “fire” and “soulless” album?
Let us pray, using DMX own aggressive prayers, that we both make it on the other side of 2018.

He announced an album in 2018 to be called “#Iam Legend” … Yes you are, Sir. And like Will Smith in the movie, we are exercising and we are focused on the end of your tunnel, not minding these zombies.

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