Even God is not safe in these streets – #MorganFreeman

9 months ago

Is this Morgan Freeman on TV as a “perpetrator” on the #MeToo movement?

The designated “God” (literally) for Hollywood has not conducted himself very well when dealing with women according to the recent news.
From inappropriate touching to making journalists uncomfortable in front of the camera, complimenting or teasing them to the point of them not knowing how to react to this unsolicited attention …

Prince did it “better”!
Warning: you will need to take a pregnancy test after watching this video of him casually seducing this journalist:

Prince Play Guitar for Maria Bartiromo CNBC 2004

Let us see now how Netflix will handle the movies he was part of:

  • Story of God with Morgan Freeman
  • Now You See Me
  • Robin Hood Prince of thieves
  • Now You See Me 2
  • The Pledge
  • Bruce Almighty

Will they choose “Due process“, a silly concept that the judicial system came up with meaning “fair treatment through the normal judicial system, especially a citizen’s entitlement to notice of a charge and a hearing before an impartial judge”. Or will they choose “Guilty until proven innocent” since they are rich and can afford a lawyer to get there.

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