How to find a Black Owned Business?

1 year ago

Supporting Black Owned Businesses is the New Black!

Thanks to social media, being dark skinned can make you trend with a yellow swimsuit when it was the subject of sarcasm not so long ago. Now, claiming your conditional support to Black Owned Business if they provide the same level of customer services or value for money products than “other businesses” is the shift that we should be contented with.
There are FIVE WAYS to find a Black Owned Business.

    This is the old classic way of hearing about a good product or friendly business. Through Facebook posts, Twitter threads or Instagram customers’ recommendations, a Black Owned Business will experience free advertising and boost in their traffic or sales.
    It is also the opportunity to be very consistent with the quality of their products as their reputation can be quickly destroyed through this nerve-racking channel.
  2. LOCAL Advertising
    Even Facebook, Twitter and Instagram see the benefit to “harass” us with recommendations that we are more likely to care about because of our location (not the advertising budget of their business customers)!

    Chopstreets App – find the best african and caribbean

  3. DIRECTORIES (Paper or Digital)
    Do people still use the “yellow book” or paper directory to find a business?
    The digital directory that is the most use should be “Google”. The special Apps listing Black Owned Businesses are most popular between B2B users, unfortunately. Businesses tend to find and advertise to each others.

    UK Black Owned Business Listing

    Does Diddy know that? The usual expensive brands grant rappers and singers status in their music videos. But Wizkid change of wardrobe in his COME CLOSER music video gave him a sense of style without the fancy names and price tag.

    Singer Lylah proudly wearing Amisan Wax

  5. YOU
    When was the last time you were proud to wear a Black Designer clothing line, buy a Black owned product or eat a Soul Food meal without attacking other race or implying the Black Power fist?

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