BLACK by Keros-N (Guadeloupe)

2 years ago

Translation from English: NOIR

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Necessary Lyrics translation from Creole:

I will always be a hyena to tear down to a point they cannot fathom,
I will always be in their footstep while my colleagues shoot them down,
I will always be the enemy of scams created by France to harm Black people,
I will always tell the little brothers to get their A-levels to better kill them in University,
I saw them from far, very far, I know why my people is put aside,
But for you it’s perfect, much better to kick us down,
You are afraid of us because dogs fear dogs so you keep us on hold,
The police’s siren says “Wainwainwain” but we are the only one to fall down,
I will always be Black and always stronger than racists,
I will always be more frank than those who are passive,
I will always be crazier, fiercier, more active,
Black people will always be stronger than fascists,
We will never be Puppies nor Doggies,
The DNA’s memory will always give roots to our lands,
We are Slaves’ descendants,
Martinique, Guadeloupe and French Guiana,
We have the ID of those who brought us here like cage animals,
We are still working for the same families who used to control our ancestors but that is OK,
If the Government official does not speak Creole,
And neither his Assistant,
Judge Becky … Let us not even talk about it,
Only the clerk was born amongst us,
A lawyer by default,
For a little brother who has no money,
He left school way before his first exams,
You do not understand that prison is part of his life,
You cannot cure bullet wound with Alcohol,
Yet there is no funding for Hospitals,
As soon you heard about truce,
You transferred two important buildings,
The fact that we kill each others is vital for you,
So you can keep stealing our lands,
The light one on top of the moutain,
Want to keep people’s light turn off,
The police force is there to maintain order not to protect citizen,
This means we are all guilty even for the most innocents,
You, you can call the police, they will not move a finger if there is no bloodshed,
Touch a million dollar company or the rocket launcher “Ariane” and you will see how fast they appear,
I will say it to you again, I am not stupid, I saw you coming from a very long distance,
I have dark skin for sure but I can see very clearly,
Only faced with your like I lost my temper,
Only when a sport personality break records you think about calling them French,
All our life is a forced labour,
For a country who see us as one,
On top of that, you are cowards hiding behind drones,
To not have to fight you make us blind (with your propaganda),
You put make up on the true but our History is teinted,
But we will always be unbreakable we have that in our genes,
Abolition do not means decolonisation,
Why after trading human being did you financially compensate slave owners?
Nothing will ever change, it’s always the same motivation,
Stealing all our assets, make us work like animals to maintain your position,
Concretely, Mr Slave owner, your ancestors have received a lot of money,
For each beaten slaves, the total comes to millions,
They even gave them lands stolen from indigenous in order to force us to work on it,
But Schools are hiding the true,
Supposedly, it’s black people who sold black people,
You are not telling us you were killing strong rebels to replace them with weak sellouts,
But there is something that is even more serious,
You are not telling us that slavery was abolished because 60% of slaves already freed or bought themselves and fought back,
I will always be Black, I will always be proud,
I will always be bad, I will always be tough,
I will always fight back, I know suffering,
I will always be Black, I will always be dark,
I will always be tougher than yesterday,
Because you will always be weaker and uglier,
I will always be more hyena than a hyena,
For Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana
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