No more sarcasm about Ashy & Broke people for Mrs Jones – #FeministaJones

2 years ago

At least in 2017!

Although, you can start a countdown until Mrs Feminista Jones’ next tweet against someone unfortunate and in disagreement with her.
Feminista Jones, or Michelle Taylor for her real name, is a self proclaimed “post-modern sex-positive, Black feminist” and award-winning blogger in the United States. She is an acclaimed feminist writer, activist and public speaker. With 145 thousands followers on Twitter and the ability to create trending hashtags (i.e #masculinitysofragile), you would think that she has by now successfully monetised her Internet presence.

Think again! At 38, the outspoken social worker has no $250 savings to her name. Nor the man who recently got her pregnant.

Or is it?
Because she clearly said “that I don’t have in my budget“. So it sounds more like an issue with rearranging her finance and reassessing her priorities faced with this impromptu outgoing.
Fear not Mrs Jones, Tariq Nasheed (more known as a very “racist” commentator of current events on Twitter for the general public and self proclaimed “Anti-racism strategist and constitution advocate”) is coming to the rescue.
With all his might, on behalf of the Hotep community, he delivered both a paypal payment to her referenced “charity” and a Twitter screenshot with an Hashtag #FeministaLoans

After raising her $250 online from her supporters, Mrs Jones went on a rant about how much she gives to others and how little she rarely asks in return.
Well … based on her way of dealing with the general public (particularly those who do not see eye to eye with her points of view) and how she presents her own achievements, could it be that she was NOT IN A POSITION TO ASK? Would you expect, after reading this thread below, that she was STILL in a position to ever ask?

Let us hope the hormonal imbalances she is experiencing now due to her pregnancy will not affect her even more ( #YouOkSis ). The backlashes she is receiving show you how her detractors are having a field day. Those she tried to intimidate and shut down by using her heavy following have definitely not forgotten her.

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