Don’t use children to spite a Man – #TonyMatterhorn

2 years ago

Can women be taught not to use children to get back at a man? It is very doubtful …
Children are often used to keep a man, try to get him back, destroy his new relationship, make him pay for attention that is no longer given, part him with his money (if he has any) … and it’s done by all women. Hell hath no fury like a scorn woman. The Black women cases, unfortunately for all of us, happen to be the loudest ones.

So can Tony Matterhorn’s legal case, a dancehall Jamaican artist, be converted into a children book to help little girls not to grow into spiteful mother and crazy Ex? Please, Tony, do that! Instead of suing your ex for wasting your time and money in court.

Based on Tony Matterhorn Instagram story, self-named “the Afterdark live show” (where he just spend time with his fans sharing personal funny stories and wisdom about his take on life), we learned that one of his Ex was boasting on Internet with her friends about putting him on child custody. Her name is Charlene.

Charlene and Tony Matterhorn had a baby girl, three years ago. He looked after her and kept her under the care of his mother. Then recently Charlene got back her child. Was it because he also recently got married?
Like we said before, hell hath no fury like a scorn woman. She took to Instagram and let it been known that she will drag him to court and make him pay.
Long story short, a week ago, it was announced in court that after a DNA test , Tony Matterhorn IS NOT THE FATHER of her child. And gracefully, the dancehall artist shared with his fans the fact that looking after a child that is not yours is common in the Caribbean. Sometimes you know, and when you don’t know about it, it’s called in Jamaican patois “a jacket”. Having developed a love for the little girl, he has no issue keeping an eye on her and making sure that she is ok, to the best of his ability and for reasonable reasons.

So please Tony, make your child custody case into a children book. So many Father, victims of the system and caught into a revengeful spiral, will find closure when reading this book to their boy to help them know what happen when you are not careful of who you lie down with and to their girl to grow out of this idea that children are tools and not human beings with emotional needs and Daddy issues!

*** UPDATE ***

Don’t try to come for “The Clan Boss” or he will come for you!
Of course, this story is appreciated in many diss by other dancehall artists,but Tony Matterhorn proved at the Reggae Sumfest that he can have the last word. So why even try to start …

Let us call this video the “Jacket Video” that end all form of jokes or diss tracks:

Needless to say, Tony Matterhorn walked away with “Heavy Weight Soundclash” title and $500,000 cash prize #ReggaeSumfest2017

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